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Join us for our fourth year in participating in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense program’s Fix a Leak Week. The program aims to use water resources more efficiently, to preserve water for future generations and, to reduce water and wastewater infrastructure costs by reducing unnecessary water consumption. Checking and fixing household plumbing fixtures for leaks inside and outside of the home is a great way to conserve water and save money. You can take the 10 minute WaterSense Challenge using this checklist. More information about what you can do to save water indoors and out is provided on the WaterSense website. Want to share how you’ve saved water during Fix a Leak Week? Use the checklist to look for leaks and if you find one, snap a pic and share with us on Twitter using #Ifixleaks.


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Water Efficient Lawn Conversion program.


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A weather based irrigation controller (WBIC) is a sprinkler control device that automatically adjusts irrigation schedules in response to changing weather or environmental conditions. Zone 7 is offering WaterSense approved controller rebates to assist customers with their water efficiency needs. For more information click the brochure and application.


Interested in knowing how much material you will need to sheetmulch your yard. Click here to determine how much material you will need to purchase and the approximate material costs. There are calculators for single-family residents and professional landscapers.

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Stop over-watering your yard, learn exactly what you need to set your water controller. Ensure you are using the best amount of water for the specific weather or time of year.

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While some homeowners believe they can save money by avoiding landscape design work, professional design can be reasonable and help homeowners avoid typical pitfalls and mistakes.

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Interested is transforming your water thirsty lawn with a beautiful landscape? Rebates are available. It is never too early to start reimagining your landscape.


Zone 7 has a robust lawn conversion rebate program that’s easy to follow.

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